At reDirect, we believe that the intentional application of the Reasonable Person Model (RPM) can help organizations build systems and approaches that enhance people’s ability to do their best work and love doing it.  

We provide tools, resources, partnerships, and strategies to help nonprofits use RPM as a framework for how they function as organizations and for their programmatic work and outreach.

reDirect is interested in partnering with organizations that are willing to conduct small experiments using the RPM framework and that are willing to share the results of their experiments with us.

Currently, reDirect is:

  1. Developing a toolbox with resources and materials to introduce RPM to prospective organizations

  2. Testing outreach tools that make the work of reDirect more accessible to laypeople and nonprofit organizations

  3. Providing targeted funding to support organizations interested in implementing RPM strategies

  4. Supporting coaching for organizations receiving reDirect funds