reDirect is interested in experimenting with different ways to share and support the implementation of the Reasonable Person Model (RPM). We have been exploring its application in a variety of settings, ranging from one-on-one efforts to improve communication and production systems, to examining ways to strengthen the volunteer experience, and various means of addressing conflict in administrative contexts.

One of these approaches is through Learning Circles, where we explore how reDirect can support nonprofits through tools, coaching, and materials based on the Reasonable Person Model (RPM).  In addition to providing modest funding, we are using a Learning Circle format to build a peer network that encourages sharing, transparency, and joint problem-solving.

This approach includes:

Getting familiar with RPM: We start with a “short course” of 3 sessions for each cohort. Executive Directors or senior staff from select organizations participate in 3 one-hour sessions, learning about RPM, surveying their staff in terms of how well the organization was meeting staff’s informational needs relating to the 3 RPM domains, and then analyzing the results as a group.

Expanding/applying RPM: Following the short course, reDirect invites organizations to participate in a Learning Circle with the expectation that the organizations will spend the next 12-18 months using an RPM lens to explore ways to address some of the issues surfaced by the staff survey.

Activities consist of:

1)  Learning Circle sessions which include time for peer sharing and networking, an RPM information or reporting piece, and a deep dive into one of the focus areas identified by the organizations.  

2) One-on-one meetings with grantees to introduce RPM, share their survey results, and to check-in on their RPM application.

3) Learning Session: Mid-way through the year, reDirect hosts a ½ day meeting for all staff focused on deepening their understanding of RPM. reDirect board members attend and facilitate sessions around key RPM themes.

Sharing new ways forward: This year, the Learning Circle cohort will be developing and testing shareable tools and stories about how RPM has helped them improve various aspects of their work - including hiring and onboarding, strategic planning, performance assessments, and team cohesion and communication.